The IP Company participates in NIDV event at AHOY stadium Rotterdam

Hoofddorp, 24-10-14,this November the IP Company will be participating in the annual NIDV event on November 20th 2014. The NIDV exhibition will present an overview of the latest technological developments in the area of defence and security to governments, defence organizations and the international business community. The areas of attention at the exhibition will be aerospace, land systems, navy, Royal Dutch Military constabulary and security. Attention will also be given to the innovation program in the area of security, with the express intention of highlighting the strengths and opportunities of the Dutch defence-related industry, particularly the priority technology areas

The IP Company will be participating by having a stand, filled with information about their products and services. The IP Company works on improving crew member situational awareness, enabling ships reduction, inter-operability, location based services and secured mobile devices.

The IP Company is a leading company in wireless communication systems onboard ships. It is the result of combining vision and intelligence with over 20 years of experience. We solve specific problems by using our unique custom made working method. We make use of the best software and hardware products to improve personal, onboard situational awareness by thinking along with the client. Integration of these products is guaranteed by using open source.