The navy ship which was chartered for anti-piracy missions arrived in Dubai for maintenance and replenishment. The NIDV, defense and the ministry of economic affairs exploited to the Dutch business community. Because of these events, The IP Company found the opportunity to present their unique wireless communication and messaging system to the suppliers and marines out there in that region. On the 5th of October the IP Company joined the NIDV and brought a visit to the port of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the IP Company’s project manager Rick Roelofs was present for the whole experience.



During the reception and tours on board the ship there was an opportunity for the participating companies to focus on their relationships with local authorities and entrepreneurs that were present. Partly thanks to the efforts of the crew the entire experience became a successful promotion of the Dutch knowledge and skills.

The Groningen is one of the four Dutch Oceangoing Patrol Vessels (OPV) built by Schelde marine construction. The patrol boats were commissioned in 2012 and 2013.

A unique aspect of the ship’s architecture is the fact that the masts were designed by the Royal Dutch Navy. The Thales-supplied sensors were mounted in Hengelo.

For its internal communications, the ship is equipped with the wireless messaging and communication system supplied by the IP Company. The WCMS enables voice and messaging communication between crew members, both in the administrative and operational domains. Crew members communicate using desk phones as well as handheld devices. The open source and open standards foundation guarantees interoperability.

Her majesty the Groningen is well equipped to battle with pirates. The NH-90 helicopter and the lightning fast FRISC have proven to be important assets in the fight against fast, lightly armed boats. The ship departed on the 9th of August towards Somalia and returns to Den Helder in December.

During the visit The IP Company had some excellent meetings and agreements with the United Arabian Emirates, the company promoted their WCMS system with great success.