The IP Company joins Euronaval exhibition 2014

Hoofddorp, 10-09-2014: This October the IP Company announces that they will be joining the Euronaval exhibition in Paris, France.

Euronaval is the world’s leading trade show for naval defence & maritime security and safety. It is the networking opportunity for industry involved in naval defence, maritime safety, security and equipment. It is a place where buyers, specialists and policy makers from all over the world can discover new trends and innovations.

The IP Company’s lecturer and C4I specialist David Moonen will display the IP Company’s features and strengths of their product divided into two workshops, during the first workshop the technique will be discussed and the second workshop will be about how to be more effective against asymmetrical warfare threats’.  These two workshops describe what the IP Company is focusing on ‘crew members’ situational awareness improvement’. The goal of these workshops is to give the visitors a clear view on the game changing use of on board wireless communication.

The IP Company has a stand at Holland House (C40) and will be having the workshops at another stand (B51).

On board wireless communication
Tuesday, October 28 from 15:30 to 16:20

On board situational awareness support
Wednesday, October 29 from 16:30 to 17:30

The IP Company has a lot to offer to its buyers. They have the first military (RNLN) and DNV approved wireless system, efficient information exchange, less personnel costs and the system improves safety and future proof interfacing using open standards.

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From the 27th to the 31st of October 2014 specialists, policy makers and buyers from all over the world will be joining the Euronaval exhibition that is being held in Paris, France.

Euronaval is an exhibition for industry involved in naval defence, maritime and security, shipbuilding and manufacturer of systems and equipment. It offers the professionals in that industry the perfect networking opportunity for networking.  At the exposition the newest trends and the materials of the future are discovered.

This year the IP Company joins the Euronaval exhibition. The IP Company will be giving two workshops during the exhibition about the benefits of on board communication and also on board situation awareness support; these workshops will be held on the 28 and the 29th of October. With these workshops orator and C41 specialist David Moonen will be explaining the benefits of the IP Company’s unique wireless communication system and will be discussing situational awareness support on board. The stand of the IP Company is located on Holland’s house.

The exposition is a great experience for the organization, to meet other experts in the industry, new contacts, make possible cooperation’s and evidently a great opportunity to promote the wireless communication and messaging system.