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Streaming Military Apps

 The Wireless Communication and Messaging System (WCMS) is using app store security and/or application rights to enable cloud  streams to the onboard crew member.

When the WCMS-network assigns a wireless endpoint based on auto-provisioning, the MAC is checked and Radius login occurs using security certificates. After assignation the system will present the correct user functions linked to the authorized apps on the endpoint device.  When apps are streamed to the endpoint, the user is able to log in to the appropriate virtual back-end environment obtaining the information. The security level of the obtained information is decomposing due to data/time correlations.

The streamed apps are based on HMI messaging and therefore no data is stored only messages between the app and the HMI/back end are send (like a web browser). This ensures that the wireless device – when turned off or no longer in reach of the back end – has only to be cleared of the apps as data is no longer available.  The wireless device is automatically disabled when disconnected from the WCMS. Certain “out off range” limits can be set in the back end to ensure proper functional operation in between endpoint push/pull requests when moving to another deck.

When a message has not been handled in time or in a proper manner set forth in the information management workflow, the system will escalate function based information to another level. This can be handled by the What’s-up workflow and/or an external 3rd party interfacing the device or the back end.

For the fixed – non wireless – WCMS endpoints the streaming technique is almost the same as for the wireless WCMS endpoints.



Services, The IP Company