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Secure Wi-Fi solutions

The Wireless Communication System is implemented with Wireless Access Points granting access to users the RADIUS protocol (remote user authentication and accounting). A separate virtual port is created for each device on the network.

From a system administrator perspective, the Meru Controller is configurable from a single point. Instead of configuring all devices all over the Ship, one configuration is created and all devices are attached to that configuration. The Meru Controller uses the data link Layer 2 to communicate with the devices. No IP addresses are used in this protocol and the Meru AP will sign up with every Meru Controller they find in the network. The Meru Controller will apply RADIUS based MAC filtering, whereby device MAC addresses are set up and managed by a remote RADIUS Server. When a new device attempts to join the network, the Meru Controller queries the RADIUS server with the MAC address to determine whether the client is permitted or not.