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Crew status

In several operational situations, the commander would like to know the status of his crew. The Wireless Communication and Messaging System (WCMS) supports operational procedures like Abandon ship, Man over Board and Blanket Search. How WCMS supports – crew status related – operational procedures is explained in the next two examples.

Crew Status example-01

Assume the deployed asset is in the correct readiness state and a crew member outer deck WCMS disconnection occurs. Function based messaging will be used to notify the Officer of the Watch. The public announcement system will be used by the Officer of the Watch to confirm the Man Over Board alarm while the Williamson turn towards the exact Man Over Board location is initiated.


Crew Status example-02

In another situation when all crew members are WCMS connected, the system generates buddy check status questions and in this way providing a crew status overview in a split second. When a crew member is not responding the buddy status request in time, the assigned buddy will receive location information to check and report the buddy status more quickly.