The IP Company more than 20 years of experience in communication

The IP Company is a leading company in wireless communication and messaging systems (WCMS) on board ships. We developed the WCMS communication system which enables voice and messaging communication between crew members, both in the administrative and operational domains. The system is one integrated system, which connects regular desk phones as well as wireless handheld devices. It is the result of combining vision and intelligence with over 20 years of experience.Read More


The IP Company Products

Wireless Communication & Messaging

The Wireless Communication & Messaging System (WCMS) developed by The IP Company ensures that information ends up directly at the right people. This can be mobilized immediately, not wasting valuable time.Read more

What’UP Damage control

What’UP is an automated self discovering damage control system. The What’UP damage control regulates, processes and analyses the impact of all selected operational functions and assesses any function suffering outages.Read more 

 Handheld devices

Endpoints are devices that are used for communication between people, for example a smart phone or a landline phone. Our system also supports a number of ruggedized devices. We also provide devices designed for extreme situations, such as ATEX devices.Read more


 ADTEL Phones

The Polycom telephones are particularly easy to handle and each telephone has its own user interface. Switching between lines, call transfer and all other administrative functions, have proven to be user friendly – however, extensive manuals are available, if required.Read More

 Secure Wi-Fi solutions

Meru’s philosophy has been from the start in 2002 to design a wireless solution that is ready for an all-wireless environment. This means a solution that provides high density access and perfectly supports voice and video application for these high number of users.Read more

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The IP Company participates in NIDV event at AHOY stadium Rotterdam Hoofddorp, 24-10-14,this November the IP Company will be participating in the annual NIDV event on November 20th 2014. The NIDV exhibition will present an overview of the latest technological...

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IP Company BV & Rohde & Schwarz UK ltd. selected after 12 months competition process Hoofddorp, Sep 23, 2013, The IP Company BV and Rohde & Schwarz UK Ltd has been down selected after a 12 month competition process run by BAE Systems to be the preferred...

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