End points

The best quality headsets

If you make many phone calls on a daily basis, a good headset is no redundant luxury. A headset must fit comfortably, even after a whole day of making phone calls. You must be able to understand your customer in a clear and lucid manner. You must be able to clearly understand the customer without the distraction of background noise. Therefore, the IP Company provides headsets of the leading GN-Netcom. The GN Netcom Headset gives you the idea that you are engaging in a “face-to-face” conversation with your interlocutor. There are different choices of microphones: a standard microphone (Micro boom), a Noise Cancelling microphone (Flexboom) or even a unique Ultra Noise Cancelling microphone (Flexboom). We will be happy to advise you about the possibilities.

If it must be able to take a beating

In addition to a large assortment of headsets for the environment, we deliver specific headsets designed to be able to operate within extreme conditions. For example: use of the headsets within a very noisy or dangerous environment. Tell us your specific needs and we will find you a headset that fits your needs.


End points, The IP Company

High-quality handhelds

This involves hardware, an OS and applications, handhelds (mobile phones, PDA, etc.) form a separate product pillar. The handheld is being delivered based on the Android OS. Within the OS, specific (developed by us) applications are run. Handhelds form the seamlessly integrated end points of the complete communication system.

Handhelds for all conditions

Not only do we provide all major smart phones, such as HTC or Google models, we also supply devices based on specific circumstances. For example, consider rugged systems for a production environment. These models are extra sturdy and have additional features, such as an alarm button. For use under the most extreme circumstances, we provide virtually indestructible devices, such as the Skye Dart.

End points, The IP Company

Office environment

We also have a wide array of land line and wireless solutions for the common office environment. We can deliver virtually any telephone device from all common brands. Since we use Open Standards, you are never tied to one single supplier. You choose the telephone device which best suits you