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    The IP Company has decent knowledge of Zeven Provinciën-class platform automation design.Platform automation design is all about structuring platform component status information and present this information in a logical way to the Ship Control Centre Manager. In some cases a failure notification towards the SCC manager will provide sufficient information. In other cases the redundant component needs to take over immediately. For the latter, the operator does not experience a difference. A notification is then needed to inform the operator about the redundancy failure.  The IP Company consultant David Moonen was also involved in the platform management follow-up called capability upgrade of the tripartite-class minehunters. When having a plastic boat hull available it is relatively easy to implement full wireless coverage on board of this 50 meter long vessel. Only two basestations are needed to provide redundant coverage on board the Flower- and Alkmaar class.

    To support the reduced manning concept of the Holland Class, the IP Company introduced the unattended SCC on board Holland Class. The IP Company was presenting a subsets of platform alarms towards the responsible NCO on duty using function based messaging.